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  HomeBuyer Report Building Survey
For those purchasing properties of standard construction ü ü
For those purchasing properties in excess of 150 years   ü
For those purchasing properties that have been subject to significant alteration   ü
Traffic light scale system that gives a clear indication of the property's condition ü ü
Provides clear advice on areas that require urgent attention ü ü
Provides advice for your Solicitors ü ü
Provides advice on repairs required and on-going maintenance ü ü
Offers a key risks report ü ü
Provides advice on issues that affect the property value ü ü
Detailed and in-depth inspection of the construction materials and how they will weather in the future   ü
Comprehensive report commenting on the structural integrity of the property   ü
Describes the identifiable risk of potentially hidden defects   ü
Bespoke report tailored to each individual property   ü



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